There is nothing wrong in your business.​

Your business is doing exactly what you have designed it to do.

Your Business is A Reflection of You

When you grasp this fundamental concept,
your business and your life will change forever. 

Shift your mindset and results with 10X Academy

Are you ready to go 10X

Benefits of Embracing a 10X Mindset

Only invest your time and energy in what truly leads to massive outcomes. If it doesn’t push you towards a tenfold improvement, it’s not worth it.

Every change aims for better efficiency—making processes quicker, simpler, more cost-effective, and expansive. You pinpoint exactly what elevates your growth, learning from every step. Remember, it's not the circumstances that transform; it's us who evolve.​

Aiming for 10X growth not only fuels your own drive but also energizes those around you. It’s an infectious enthusiasm that promotes collective progress.​

When aiming high, everyone’s unique talents become clear, along with how these skills interconnect to elevate the team and business overall.

Focusing on exponential growth makes it much easier to prioritize expanding your business and enhancing your life, setting a new baseline for what you consider normal.​

What is the main challenge people face when you start working on 10X

What if you don’t start working on your 10X mindset


Worst thing will happen if you do not work on your 10X mindset.


What should you do to prevent that worst case scenario


What could you do to repair that damage? Who could you ask for help?

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality. Monkey mind always visualizes worst case scenario


What if you don’t start working on your 10X mindset

Has anyone less intelligent figured this out and achieved more success than you? Than why not you

Freedom of

Freedom of

Freedom of

Freedom of

10X your life, business, money, relationships and freedom. 


Benefits of Embracing a 10X Mindset

Entrepreneurial formula for 10X growth

Get Breakthrough strategies to grow your revenue, your team, and your impact.

10X Academy is the secrets to increase your power, wealth and happiness

10X Curriculum

Benefits of Embracing a 10X Mindset

10X Academy is one year program

Why This? Why Now?

You need to understand what is best for you. Rules of the game have changed. What you have done to reach where you are right now, will not get you where you want to be.

In the rapidly changing world of business, staying ahead is a constant challenge. New technologies, the fight for talent, shifts in society and politics, and the advent of artificial intelligence are reshaping the landscape every day.
I've been in business for over 25 years, and I've been lucky enough to learn from some of the best in the game—leaders like Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, Mac Attram, John Demartini, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Brian Tracy. I've had the chance to dive deep into their strategies, understand their life choices, and uncover how they achieved massive success.
Their journeys showed me how top leaders and companies achieve rapid growth, beat competitors, build strong teams, wow their customers, and create a loyal fan base.
Your business's current size or stage doesn't matter. What's important is your ambition and your willingness to take bold steps forward.
Let's work together to earn superfans, lead your market, change your industry, uplift your community, and make a significant impact on the world.


Business Owners

Business leaders working inside a growth focussed organization

Working professionals have a dream to be an entrepreneur

What is included at 10X Academy?

Over and above you become a self master in sales, marketing, little voice management, leveraging master, create past clients revenue model, you create a powerful customer journey, taking your overall business to the next level. 
Once you start leveraging; you start working less to make more money.


For results you achieve, admission to 10X Academy is worth many many times over. 


Get the answers you need and gain clarity before embarking on this transformative journey.

Do these strategies apply to all industries?

Yes, these strategies are universal principles that always work for all businesses. You’ll learn what drives human psychology to respond, to buy, to buy more, to buy more often, to refer others, and to champion your cause.
Irrespective of which industry you work, these universal principles will give you great advantage

I don’t have money right now.

Every self-made millionaire starts at zero. So what separates them from everybody else? Nothing. They were just resourceful. Remember we discussed – people are not poor – they have poor access to resources.
You can be good at one of two things: making money or making excuses, but you can’t be good at both.
Your set of circumstances may require you to be resourceful, and if so, it will 100% be worth it. 300% in fact – I am guaranteeing that you’ll see how you will see at least 3X your investment.
So, not only will this become free to you… it will PAY you to be here. In results, of course!

I am worried about virtual events. How does it work?

Covid or Pandemic gave us a new normal way of working. We started learning from the best seat in the house, up close and personal.
Post pandemic – things started becoming normal. People started craving for physical meetings. Still people do not want to pack a bag, travel across the country, or in many cases across the world.
So this is NEW NEW Normal.
Hybrid learning methodology. Most will be online and one physical event every year.

I have a scheduling conflict during event dates. Will this be recorded?

Absolutely! We understand that life can be busy, and conflicts can arise. That’s why we offer complimentary access to event recordings for all Academy participants. Recording access will be valid till the time your membership is active.
This gives you ample time to revisit and reinforce their understanding of the content.

This is a really big decision for me. How do I decide?

It’s okay if you are a little nervous. Many of the now-alumni of the Business Empowerment and now 10X Academy felt like they would be a little out of their element before they came as well. They, too, thought maybe they or their business wasn’t ready or didn’t qualify, but then they attended and they rose up to meet the level of the rest of the group.
It is easy to join the crowd. We have to be where the expectations are high. वासरात लंगडी गाय शहाणी should not be like this. The challenge is great, and the demands are many because that’s where the victory is sweet.”


Rs.150,000/- Plus GST

Booking Amount

Rs. 10,000/-

Plus GST

6 Months installment

Rs. 23,333/-

Plus GST

12 Months installment

Rs. 11,667/-

Plus GST

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