Sudhir Khot is a Money & You® graduate. He is an Entrepreneur, Educator and nvestor in the Personal Finance niche. He is on a mission to Elevate Financial Literacy of Individuals. Sudhir has been delivering Financial Literacy and wealth creation education under his Financial Fitness program since 2006. Till date he has interacted and engaged with more than 3,00,000 people to Educate, Empower and Drive them to elevate their financial literacy.

Through his signature program Financial Fitness, Sudhir provides personal finance education and business education to people through webinars, seminars and one on one consulting

Sudhir is also a renowned speaker on Personal Financial Planning. He has delivered talk sessions at

Economic Times Investors Forum (2006)

Sakaal Investment in the year 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011

IIT Mumbai Techfest event.

Investor’s education program in association with SEBI and BSE.

At companies such as L&T Infotech, KPIT, Cummins, BMC Software, etc.

Financial Awareness for Farmers is one such area where Sudhir is very active. Thus, he regularly contributes in “Agro One” – Agriculture Based Newspaper of Sakal and Krushi King Magazine in the form of articles. In his endeavor to make a large chunk of people aware about the benefits of effective financial planning, Sudhir delivers a regular program on Financial Fitness over Vividh Bharati Radio Station.

Apart from a great financial mentor, he also holds the position of a director in:

Kaijing Agro Services Pvt. Limited

Sahyadri Agriculture Producer Company Limited

Project O2 Zone
Upgrading your financial knowledge is indispensable for the top-notch planning of your finances and Sudhir is one such figure of this industry who can keep you abreast with all latest trends and happenings in this field.

And as Sudhir Put

My journey to becoming a multi-crore net worth individual has started from a negative net worth individual. This experience has enriched me to learn certain basic principles about money. I have witnessed a revolutionary change in my perception, thinking about money & wealth.

I would like to share my experience, my knowledge and techniques which I have acquired during my journey towards prosperity through Financial Fitness program. I want to educate more and more people the ‘Psychology of Money and Success’ and join the community of high net worth individuals.

My Journey in My Own Words


Over 80% of the people on the globe have grown up with the though process of “Money is root cause of all evils in life” & “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. I was also in this group of this 80% huge population who failed to achieve their fullest financial potential. When I realised the secret psychology of Money and Success; my life changed completely.

With increasing age, I started to think in a different way. Since school days we were taught that “Food, clothing and shelter” are basic necessities of life. But main point is, “for whatever life you want to live, you need money”. To earn money just education is not enough. Transformation is needed.

Most people with high education believe that this is information to live and remain broke. But to get wealthy you have to use this education as act of transformation.

I have transformed my life with heavy price of losing few crores of Rupees due to wrong mind set. I have improved my mind set. I invested a lot of my time and money in getting trained by the world’s best a trainers like Mr. Brian Tracy, Mr. T Harv Eker, Mr. Blair Singer and Mr. Anthony Robbins.

We all refuse to talk about money. But still money is about power. We all have a feeling of security, freedom, empowerment when we have money. SO friends Money is one of the important but most neglected topic in life of any person. Money is certainly one of the ways we can turn into reality.

As stated; success recipe is converting the information we have received through education to
transform your life. I have done this in my life. Since 2010 I am sharing this valuable information to many through public forums of Sakal newspaper, Economic Times and various corporates. Through my workshops I guided over 100,000 people on their journey to achieve thier fullest financial potential.