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I am Sudhir Khot, an Entrepreneur, Educator and Investor who is on mission to elevate financial literacy of 100,000 business owners by 2030.

Early Life

Coming from small town Kolhapur, I have seen my father struggling for money in a cyclical pattern. As a foundry owner, his business was suffering from recession every 3 to 4 years. Thus his business was always cash strived.

At an early age, I decided to build a recession proof business. During my entrepreneurship journey, I have built business in agriculture, real estate and business coaching. Financial Fitness is a community of over 5000 members. We all work together to improve financial literacy to succeed in business.

My Learnings

Your financial literacy is directly responsible for your success. High level of financial literacy will help you to jumpstart your income, life and success too. Price to understand this one simple success principle runs in crores of rupees. I have paid huge price for all financial mistakes I have made in my life.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Way back during my college days, I began my entrepreneur journey by selling crackers. Much needed selling activity to generate cash for my monthly expenses. Then for few years selling clothing material.

MBA from Mumbai University gave me headway in corporate. In year 2001, I began my real entrepreneurial journey with company named Ruralreach…

Weak financial Literacy unknowingly force me to take wrong financial decisions and I lost all my money by 2003. Rich dad poor dad book was my survivor. Implemented most lessons from book to improve my financial literacy.

Kaijing Agro Services Pvt. Limited

Sahyadri Agriculture Producer Company Limited

Project O2 Zone

The Game of Chess Saved My Life

It’s funny how chess has played such an important part of my life. During my school days, my father used to struggle around cash on a cyclical basis. Knowingly, unknowingly I was always wondering, why bigger workshops have work and my father struggled to get work for money. In my deep insight, I was very clear that, when I start my business, I will make sure my business is recession proof.

In my other blogs I have stated many times that our mind doesn’t understand what is correct and what is wrong. With the thought of having recession proof business since childhood, the universe gave a powerful life lesson. I was in a university coaching camp for chess as a participant. My coach asked me, Sudhir, what do you feel? Who has the maximum chance to win the game of chess? The answer he gave got registered in my head for the rest of my life. He said… read more

Learning The Life Experiences The Hard Way 


During the course of our lives we all are susceptible to a lot of mistakes. In 2013 I launched a real-estate venture in partnership with an associate. The idea was to make a greater positive impact in the lives of our investors. Unfortunately, due to lack of clarity of my legal structure and due to some other reasons we ended up on the negative side of this venture. I not only lost a lot of money but also relationships due to this failed venture.

I believe these difficult experiences make you stronger and help you become a better version of yourself. Learning from this hard experience I understood the need for improvement in my life and decided to invest more on self development… read more about


I realized that traditional education is everything besides money. This is exactly why 80% of the population will never become financially free.

When it comes to the subject of money, people are 100% clueless. They don’t know what money is, how to make money and how to manage it?

Poverty, lack of money, high debt and widening gap between the rich and the poor is the result of poor financial literacy. This was me again looking in the mirror. I decided to re-educate myself.

I started my re-education journey with Success Gyan. Learning from my mentors made me realize that my failures were not due to outside factors – they were internal.

My Teachers

My Mentors

Robert Kiyosaki

Blair Singer

Certification: Blair Singer Certified Trainer and Facilitator, USA.

Entire learnings from my teachers and mentors helped me to sail smoothly. In a span of 4 years from 2015, I was able to improve financial health of thousands of business owners through