Sudhir Khot Money Coach

“Financial Fitness Experience” a Free Seminar at Pune

To Educate, Empower and drive

people to achieve full financial potential.

Actual Tuition: Rs. 1499/- Per person
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Sunday, April 7th, 2019 | 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Reporting time: 9.30 AM to 10.00 AM


Sumant Moolgaokar Auditorium,
Address: 411, MCCIA Trade Tower, Ground Floor, A Wing,
ICC Complex, 016, Senapati Bapat Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411016   

“During these 3 hours, you will discover”


most people fail to achieve their desired financial success


You need to focus if you really want to win the money game.


is the positive ripple effect if you work with correct MONEY thoughts

In SHORT; Identify how to
Bridge the GAP between
Where you are and where you want to be financially.

If you feel something is holding you back from reaching the success you want, Financial Fitness is just designed for you.

Financial Fitness experience will be the single most profitable event for you if you are –

  • Self-motivated entrepreneur or self-employed person looking for simple strategies to grow your business.
  • A Business owner looking for proven secrets to gain MORE with LESS
  • A Sales Professional looking to win the sales GAME.
  • An employee in Government OR Corporate or Private sector seeking more Financial Freedom.
  • Individual tired of struggling to achieve your dreams.
  • An enthusiastic person who wants to get away from 9 to 5 RAT race.

Actual Tuition: Rs. 1,499/- Per person
Special Offer:FREE
Registration Compulsory

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It’s your life, it’s your choice. Be Moneywise

“Change your relationship with money and achieve your full financial potential.”

Financial Fitness Experience is more about discovering yourself than it is about money. In the process, you will learn great information about money.

At Financial Fitness Experience you will discover

  • How to Close the GAP between Where you and Where you want to be financially.
  • FOUR main invisible problems you have to tackle; if you want to achieve financial success.
  • How our education system is responsible for developing WRONG Money mindset.
  • How “RIGHT Money mindset is helpful to earn Lot of money” and “WRONG Money mindset is responsible for losing Money”.

Once you LEARN the basic psychology (thought process) needed for Money and Success – you can apply to: 

  • Know where you are on the road to your own Financial Freedom and how to reach your goals.
  • To expand your ability to generate more wealth and experience more freedom
  • Understanding the Money Game and create your road to financial success
  • Get your business work without you.
  • Create a routine which will boost your creativity and achieve success.
  • Leverage your strengths to earn more money in your life.

If you see, “Financial Fitness” as a solution to your financial problems, then take your first step and invest 3 hours.  

Actual Tuition: Rs. 1,499/- Per person
Special Offer:FREE
Registration Compulsory

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“I was under impression that I am doing very well on my financial planning for my future. But when I attended Mr. Sudhir Khot’s Financial Fitness program, it was kind of an eye-opener. Realized that whatever I have done and plan to do on my financial front was not bad but there are still better ways to do it. Thanks for such value-add program”

– Prasad Vishwasrao

A mindset is what governs most of our actions..never thought it was applicable to finances!
FFI proved to be huge awakening as to the need and understanding that positive money psychology helps us grow, enjoy life to its ultimate.
Discussions with Sudhir sir were actually unfolding my potential and it was amazing to feel the liberation and realizing the true financial potential. It feels great to feel in control and a confident me is ready to live beyond compromises.!!

– Dr Madhavi Salunkhe

Sudhir Khot Money Coach
Sudhir Khot

Past few years through Financial Fitness, I have helped over 1000 individuals to achieve their full financial potential.

My 25 years of working experience and learnings from all the financial and business mistakes I have made; I realised that “Its Psychology of MONEY, which is responsible for financial success”.

It is very important to master the right way to think about Money and Success. Most important fact is “The way you think about MONEY influences your financial success”. BUT no school has taught this.

Through my life lessons, I have learned it hard way. “Reaching to the summit of financial success is very simple. It is we who make it complicated”.  When I see around, I see a lot of anxiety around money. There is so much negativity around money.

Looking at all the situations around –

  • I get upset when I see people struggling financially

  • I get frustrated when I see people playing a safe game and remain in their comfort zone 

  • My blood boils when I see a person leave the journey in midway and then blame others for their failure.

The reason I have created Financial Fitness event is to help people to achieve full financial potential.

If you are willing to have me PUSH you to financial success,

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E = MC2

This is world’s most famous equation, but what does it really mean?

On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass are interchangeable. They are different forms of the same thing. Mass always remains the same. The speed of the light is the only thing which matters a lot.




Opportunities X (Knowledge)2

Every financially successful person is very prompt in taking up the opportunities come on their way. All the opportunities are same for every individual on the globe. Only what matters is Knowledge. More the knowledge one has, more is the success.


There is enough Money and Opportunities on this globe.

Financial success and opportunity are two sides of the same coin and are constant.

Only Knowledge and population is increasing on this globe.

No person can afford to Learn Less.

Here comes the main question. 
Apart from academic knowledge, what should one learn?
If you wish to master the Money psychology skills and grow faster

Actual Tuition: Rs. 1,499/- Per person
Special Offer:FREE
Registration Compulsory

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Invest 3 hours for your better tomorrow.

Take a step towards Financial freedom

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