FREE Financial Planning Masterclass


Are you facing issues in managing the hard-earned money? Is someone else managing your finaces for you?  Then this webinar is especially for you. An interactive session on how to flex your financial management to grow wealth in today’s world.


  • A step by step action-packed session where I will take demo you live on how to do your financial planning yourself.
  • The primary reason most people have Financial Problems is that “they try to work on external factors first rather than working on their own internal money psychology”
  • There are THREE main takeaways which you will learn in this webinar if you want to master your personal finances and become successful in achieving your business/personal goals

Three Main Takeaways


You will understand the real Psychology of Money and Success.


Why people go in to money stress?


Importance of Real Financial Knowledge

My Mentors 

About Sudhir Khot

  • Sudhir Khot is a Money & You graduate. He is an Entrepreneur, Educator and Investor in the Personal Finance niche. He is on a mission to Elevate Financial Literacy of Individuals.
  • Till date he has interacted and engaged with more than 3,00,000 people to Educate, Empower and Drive them to elevate their financial literacy. Through his signature program Financial Fitness, Sudhir provides personal finance education and business education to people through webinars, seminars and one on one consulting.
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