If you conspire anything from bottom of your heart, the entire universe will work in your favour and help you to reach your desire. Believe me, whatever you focus on expands. But all these years you are just focused on paying your monthly bills on time. Very rarely you think about the monthly bills.

So here the question of increasing your income by 1000% will never arise. The moment you think about taking this leap, your mind becomes your hurdle. Your mind always works like a very caring mother. Your mind will not allow you to leave your comfort zone.

To achieve your goal to increase your own income by 1000% in a year you need to following few principles. Few are as stated below:

Believe In Yourself

Whenever you decide on anything to achieve first thing you have to do is believe in yourself. The first reaction of most people to that exercise is to smile briefly and then to begin thinking about how it is possible. This will help you to keep your caring mind busy in productive work rather than thinking negative about the goals.

Stay away from Blame game

It is always easy to blame others for things you could not achieve. There are a thousand excuses for every failure but no one has a good reason. The average person has the inherent potential to earn far more than he or she is earning currently. Need is just to understand your own Financial Potential.

School Education a big hurdle.

If you observe very minutely people earning the most are with less education. This doesn’t mean that highly educated people will never achieve their fullest financial potential. It is just that all learned people have stopped their education when they enter the real world.

Everyone should make a note of the fact that, “All learned will remain broke and on the other side all learners are always on the path to take their income to 1000%”

During school exam, it was a crime if you copy from someone. You may be fined for copying. But in the real world, it is not. On your journey to increase your income make sure you do the following 2 things.

  1. Identify the highest earning, most successful people in your field and find out what it is that they are doing differently from others who aren’t doing as well. Copy them every day.
  2. Set a goal to double your income over the next two or three years and then figure out what you’ll have to do to achieve it.

Post this just take action. Well begun is half done.