Keyman Insurance

Secure the future of your company with a keyman insurance policy. Compensate the financial losses aroused due to the death of a key person of your business.

What exactly is this ?

Keyman insurance policy is about protecting your company from the financial problems incurred from losing an important employee due to death, disability or dread diseases.

  • Death of the key employee can cause two types of losses.

  • Loss arising from profit reduction for the company.

  • Cost for the company in replacing the keyman

Objective of Keyman Insurance Policy.

  • To help a business to recover from financial losses in case of their untimely death.

Who can be a Keyman Insurance Policy?

  • Any employee whose loss can cause a financial strain to the company can be a keyman.
    E.g. – Director of company, key sales people, people with special skills etc.

Your Keyman is your most important asset. Protect him immediately.

  • Loss of sales

  • Loss of special skills and abilities

  • Incur cost to replace your keyman.

  • Cancellation or delay of future projects.

  • Reduction of credit rating of your company.

Protect your business immediately. In case of death of keyman insurance personnel

  • Company receives sum assured to cope up with loss and also ensure business continuity without any hiccups.

  • Premiums paid are allowed as business expenses under section 37 (1) of income tax act, 1961.

  • Claim amount can be used to recruit and train employee replacement OR any other business related expenses.

  • Help the spouse of the deceased to stay sustained financially.


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