11th July 2016, our climbing team was preparing to leave for the final summit day to Mt. Elbrus (5642 meters – 18510 feet) – Highest peak of European continent. It was very windy that day and slight snow was drizzling. Mind was completely blocked. It was blocked to an extent that – I was not able to utter Ganapati prayer. (Ritual we Indians do before we begin any adventure) This time we had spent over 8 days in the Caucasus mountain range. Today was a final day with a climb of little over 2000 feet in snow and a height above 15000 feet above sea level. Mind was constantly hitting the blocks in my mind.

I was sitting in silence trying to keep my monkey mind stable. Still my monkey mind jumped to the summit of Mt. Stok Kangri – Highest peak of Leh Ladakh, located at height of 21,187 feet above sea level in Zanskar mountain range in Trans – Himalaya,

I had completed that summit. But today again I was going through the same feelings. What was this feeling about? This was not a good feeling. I was running down in anxiety. Lot of questions popped into my mind. Self-doubt started gaining strength.

Suddenly one strong thought came into my mind. This thought said to me, it’s all about your choice. Today is a do or die situation. Today you have a choice to summit Mt. Elbrus or surrender and quit. At that moment, without thinking for a second I stood up and started walking.

I had overcome resistance. There is a secret that real challengers know, but losers fail to understand. When we started to climb, even though it was difficult, climbing was not impossible. (I know this because, 8 hours after I overcame my resistance, I was on the summit of Mt. Elbrus – Highest peak of Europe). Real challenge was to make that decision to climb.

Why most people remain losers or mediocre is due to resistance.

Resistance is the area between life we live and life we desire to live.

Resistance is the most toxic force on earth.

Resistance is what forces people to remain in the money stress zone.

People don’t feel or understand resistance because, Resistance is invisible.

Resistance is keeping you away from launching your own business.

Falling prey to resistance is forcing you to remain unhealthy.

It’s not just you, every living creature experiences resistance. Winner is one who is able to overcome resistance.

All round the clock resistance is fuelling fear in your mind.

Resistance creates self-doubts, unhappiness.

Hello, hello, hello. You have reached till this point means that you resonate with what I am trying to say.

Business becomes unsuccessful just because you are not prepared from inside. Your inner world creates your outer world. This means, “Your business is doing exactly the way you have designed it to do.”

I have seen thousands of entrepreneurs who have succeeded who overcome all challenges towards success.

Money, capital, location, bank loan, team, government policies, external situation, Covid, lock down, demonetisation in India….. I can keep writing many external reasons for failure. One main point we all must understand is – This situation was same for everyone still some were successful in overcoming resistance and March towards success.

At the end of this write up – I have one simple question for you.

As a business person, are you falling prey to resistance? It is difficult to answer this question. But I promise it is not impossible.

If you are struggling in your business, resistance has overpowered you.

If you feel your relationships are at stake, check where resistance is hitting you.

If your health is in BAD shape, you are resistant to exercise and eat well.

If your mind is not stable, ego is showing a lot of resistance within you.

I can keep on going through the negative impacts of resistance in our life. If you want to overcome resistance, you will have to gift yourself the following changes in your thought process.

Keep moving is the only choice we have. Keep making simple, small and powerful actions. You will definitely win the race. Business is a marathon. Keep your steady pace going?

You don’t have any control on what has happened to you in the past and what you will face in future. Believe in the power of NOW. Live in the present.

Life rewards optimistic people. Always think positive. Your mind doesn’t understand between wrong and right. So carefully do yourself-talks.
Tomorrow is not in your control. So don’t react. Time is the only solution.

I hope these small learnings from my mountain expeditions were helpful to you.

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