Science of Getting Rich; Learn to Earn More

If we ask anyone a very simple question, what is Money? 80% of the people will fail to answer with confidence. Each one of us thinks about money almost 24 hours, 365 days a year, but still, fail to understand what money is. Here I would like to make it very clear that the current thought process of yours is not your fault. This is how we are grown. Just due to the wrong thought process of money, most people never ever try to analyse their earning potential.

SO friends, do you know what your fullest financial potential is? To take the journey further you must understand the history of money.

Birth of Money

Thousands of years ago, each one was specialised in one activity. Due to absence of Money, once the goods were manufactured, it has to get exchanged with the goods you need. This was known as bartering. Everywhere always trading goods for goods. This eventually became really awkward and clumsy, so finally we had to find something that everyone valued.

Barter System

The solution to bartering eventually became money. Things like precious stones, gold, silver or even brass and copper were used as currency for a time.

What does this mean for you? Money is just a currency or a mode of exchange. Money has nothing to do with emotions. If you go deep into your childhood, we all have grown up with completely negative thought process about money. Friends, this negative thought process about money is killing your earning potential. That’s for sure!

As per my opinion, “Your earning potential” is the most valuable asset you are having. Since you are not aware of your own fullest financial potential, you stay in comfort zone to live in mediocrity.

If you want to reach your fullest financial potential it is very much necessary to understand where does the money come.

Everything is energy

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have given 100% in your job or in your work, but still you are not paid well. What will happen? You will end up in frustration. Here your work energy is converted into frustration. On the other hand, when you are decently paid as per your expectation, your work energy is converted into a happy energy. If you watch closely, for both situations – money is just used as a currency or mode of exchange. Same money which you get for your work done can be used to exchange with grocery, utilities and much more day to day needs.

So friends, what is money? Money is nothing but a mode of exchange. A currency which has to flow continuously. You get paid on the basis of the quality of work you do. So if you want to earn more money you have to increase the value of the work that you do. 80% of the people in this world will stop increasing the value of their work just because, they decide to stop learning and growing and becoming better in their field.

Remember; all learned will remain broke and learners will slowly travel the journey towards being RICH. 

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