Whatever you focus on expands

I am confident each one of you has done a scientific experiment of – burning a paper with help of sunrays using a magnifying glass. What will happen if you have a very weak focus and are not able to get the sun rays concentrating on paper? The paper will not burn, am I correct?

Nature or universe has equal rules for every success in life. Most people wish to have great income in their life but this remains just an unfulfilled wish.

If you have a clear plan to build wealth and execute the plan, I guarantee you will be successful in any economic situation. Even in great recession period or depressed economy, I have seen people who earn crores of rupees with the right plan and proper execution.

In my opinion – the word RECESSION doesn’t really exist.

Building real wealth starts with FOCUS.

your goals

Whatever you focus expands


Successful financial life and any success for that matter is the result of a strong focus. When you are focussed on your goals then you do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. This means,  to achieve your desired goals you take a step further to get educated and acquire the knowledge you need.

Please remember, you are able to solve any situation to an extent just because your knowledge is restricted to that level. To solve any problem you have to become bigger than the problem you are facing. This will happen only with right knowledge and proper self-education.

Key to lead a successful life is knowing where to focus your time and efforts. Once you know where to focus; HOW will automatically come your way as you will be determinant to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Do what you Love or what you are strong at.

We all have spent our whole education life with a correct or wrong system. We are always told to focus on our weak subject. Is it not a wrong thing to do? But we have carried this thought process throughout our lives. So instead of capitalising on your strengths you always focussed on spending time and energy to improve the weakness.

If you want to be successful, the key is finding something you’re good at. Find people who need your services. An entrepreneur is always a problem solver. Focus your efforts on helping people and become rich doing it.

We all have heard that diversification is key to minimize the risk. Again this is a myth. If you observe very carefully; every successful businessman has one strong business revenue or income stream.  All his diversifications are just about his money and not time.

So till until time you are 100% successful on one stream, don’t diversify across too many niches. Just give 100% focus on your business and marketing strategy to ensure the best results. To attract more clients and make more money; you have to reach out to your prospects. But if you don’t understand where and how to focus; you keep doing bits and pieces of all activities with completely negative results.

Strategic success program

All successful people know how and where to focus their efforts. To give 100% focus you have to know, who your customers are and where they are. Then direct all of your efforts towards finding them there and attracting them to your business. Your strategic success program must have a proven system for prospecting, generating leads, converting leads to clients and do repeat sales. This strategic success program will help you to keep your cash flow cycle always alive.