Zero to Multi Crorepati.

Every person on this earth has a wish to become financially independent and become a multi crorepati. The unfortunate part is more than 80% of the people will never become financially independent. Reading the word Crorepati, most people must be thinking that “This is not their cup of tea”.

If you observe closely, you will find many Crorepati entrepreneurs around you. All these people didn’t have any background neither a strong backup nor godfather. I related to that directly because I was in the same mediocre situation at my early age. I never had any extra money which can be used to start even a small business. I was always in debt.

Even if a great business opportunity came my way, I just kept letting it pass with the justification that “I don’t have money”. Slowly I was playing the blame game. As I started to study many self-made Crorepati entrepreneurs. I realised, most of them travelled the same boat which I am travelling now. You may be in the same situation now, with more outflow of money than inflow. Always struggling with money.

My entire study of self-made Crorepati has given me some following answers.


Multi crorepati

They decide to retire rich.

Most people retire poor or mediocre just because they never decide to retire rich. They wish and hope they will become rich one day. First, there is no strong conviction to become the rich, second, they never take any action. They always have good reasons to stay away from taking actions.

Procrastinate and blame game is what most broke people are playing.

They work with end result in mind

If you are very clear where you want to go, then you will easily get an answer on “How to reach your desired destination

Say you wish to travel from Mumbai to Kolhapur. You go on bus station to catch a bus to Kolhapur. Do you just board any bus moving out of bus station or look for a bus on the journey which you plan to take? If you are so clear on the bus stand, then why people fail to understand their goals.

You must decide on your goal and do “What Ever it Takes” to reach there.

Make the beginning

When you decide and take an action, you are almost 50% successful. On the journey towards financial freedom, most Crorepati entrepreneurs take following actions.

  1. Make a strong decision right now that you are going to be financially free.
  2. Write down “what does financial freedom mean to you?”
  3. Make a plan and start to work on it every single day.
  4. You will never give up. You will keep on moving forward until you finally achieve your goal.