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What set’s Sudhir Khot’s Financial Fitness Apart?

Create Destiny

Wealth potential of any individual is influenced by habits, attitudes and feelings that are collected overtime. You do not realize what you are feeding your subconscious mind. You are an exact replica of your inner world. You are the creator of your own destiny.

Create Money

Financial Fitness is about changing your relationship with money. To succeed, you must understand how your thoughts impact your life. You have to learn how to manage money, create more money.

Control Money

Your ultimate goal has to start controlling money and not allow money to control you.

Why Prioritize your Financial Fitness?

Unlock the advantages of Financial Fitness Membership?

Gain insights into your money psychology, empowering you to make better financial decisions.

Learn holistic money management techniques beyond just investing, aligning your finances with your goals.

Receive tailored guidance on budgeting, investing, and debt management to meet your specific needs.

Tap into a wealth of diverse experiences from peers, mentors, and experts, enriching your financial knowledge.

Challenge and transform inherited financial behaviors, creating a more prosperous future for yourself and generations to come.

Explore the core topics at Financial Fitness?

Understanding Your Money Mindset

Personal Development for Financial Success

Setting financial goals and Building personal financial timeline

Budgeting and expense management for financial success

Savings and Emergency Funds

Debt Management and Reduction

Retirement Planning and Security

Insurance and Risk Management

Investment Strategies for Growth

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Estate Planning, Wealth preservation and Transfer

Starting and Scaling a Business

Financial risk management

Tax Planning and Optimization


Financial plan built for families


Premium members and growing


Success Stories


Live sessions

Join Financial Fitness by Sudhir Khot for


Earn, Keep and Grow Your Money

Financial Fitness Planning

  • Collection of data
  • Financial Hygiene
  • Existing Investment Review
  • Existing Insurance Policies Review
  • Cash Flow Projections & analysis
  • Prepare Annual Net Worth
  • Asset Allocation
  • Risk Profiling
  • Financial Goals Setting
  • Debt Management
  • Create Emergency Fund
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Half-Yearly Review
  • Action Points- for the year
  • Any financial advice required

Wealth Academy

24,999One time fee
  • Every Tuesday Live passive income session with Sudhir Khot.
    Time 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Passive income mastery
  • Lifetime access to 12 LIVE lecture series on building mindset and strategies to build multiple sources of passive income streams.
  • Investment Mastery - Powerful 1% stock market strategy
  • Every week LIVE review of stocks and market is done on Tuesday evening at 8 PM
  • Life mastery – Peak Performance & Productivity Magnifier Lifetime access to following video recorded series.
  • Income mastery Lifetime access to following video recorded series.

Who can benefit from joining Financial Fitness?

Individuals in Debt


Individuals facing life challenges



Entrepreneurs and freelancers​

Low income earners

Elderly individuals

Interested in investment

Pre - retirees

Young adults

desire for financial independence

Hear From Our Participants:
Real Stories of Transformation

Rajendra Khandave
Rajendra Khandave
24 April 2024
One of the best sessions of my life !! It was not a session on money but a journey towards a new perspective of life itself. The main focus was on the mindset....It really changed my perspective towards money and life. To conclude, it transformed not only my view on how we handle money but also relationships, career, passion....Highly recommended!!
Manoj Shah
Manoj Shah
22 April 2024
shekhar gaikwad
shekhar gaikwad
22 April 2024
I have attended a two days session on the financial fitness intensive with Sudhir Sir. It was impressive. The content was good and most importantly the QA sessions where all of the questions were answered. The approach towards personal development and its impact on money management was effectively explained. Thank you Sir for a great session and looking forward to work with you in near future.
Amit Bhavsar
Amit Bhavsar
22 April 2024
Very Impressive sessions. It clears the mind blocks and negative thoughts and boost the positivity.
Rinku Jain
Rinku Jain
22 April 2024
Wonderful program. Must attend to understand your relationship with money. Your beliefs , resistance to grow financially. Things will change when you attend the program.new insights to yourself, your personal and professional growth. Personally recommending as attended the April 2024 session with my friend . In 2 days the insight gained was good enough to take some decisions for the personal growth. Thank you Sudhir Khot Sir for the wonderful session
bobby rughwani
bobby rughwani
22 April 2024
A life transforming session . The 2 days live event have changed my money mindset and skill development version in me . Got a chance to meet many new aspirants and professional and developed my network with them . And as they always say your network is your net worth !!! Thank you Sudhir sir you are a true leader and mentor 🙏
Rajiv Niranjan Shah (Chanakya)
Rajiv Niranjan Shah (Chanakya)
22 April 2024
🙏 From bottom of my heart 💞 with gratitude I am thankful to you Sir, for FFI. @ HOTEL SAYAJI, Wakad, Pune on 20/21 - April 2024. It was really a game changer & helped me lot in filling the gaps of my mind and money manifestation by understanding proper strategy. 🎲 🤝Wish to collaborate with you on leverage strategy and our vision of India's financial fitness. 💰 🤹‍♂ Rajiv Niranjan Shah 🙏
Manoj Mali
Manoj Mali
21 April 2024
Nice one
21 April 2024
Most powerful session about Financial freedom techniques. Thank Sudhir Khot Sir.
Avinash Suvarna
Avinash Suvarna
21 April 2024
Most energetic and eye opening seminar, if you want to understand how money works and proven steps how to get financial freedom. Sudhir Khot is the right person.

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