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is To Educate, Empower and Drive People to Achieve Their Full Financial Potential.

If you feel something is holding you back from reaching the success you want, Financial Fitness is just designed for you. I will help you get answers to three main questions which are holding you back from achieving your success.


Most people fail to the achieve their desired financial success


You need to focus if you really want to win the money game.


Is the positive ripple effect if you work with correct MONEY thoughts

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I am blessed to have learnt so many things in my life from the best of mentors and coaches from around the world. I owe a big part of my success to these wonderful mentors who helped me to reach the position i am at now.

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“Mind Management Is The Essence of Life Management”

“Mind Management Is The Essence of Life Management” Reference to the thought shared, truly mental mastery comes through conditioning and when it comes to money; we all are conditioned since our childhood to play safely without taking any risks about


Enrolling for FFI turned out be one of the wisest decisions for me!

I learnt about Financial Fitness by accident. I was listening to the radio on the way to the office and I heard a capsule advertisement by Sudhir sir on Vividh Bharati. The name ‘Financial Fitness’ itself got me thinking about

Nilesh Chavan
Nilesh Chavan